Route to Market Services

Customer Channels

Brands Africa services all the major retail, wholesale and speciality chains in the region. These include both local and South African retail and wholesale chains, as detailed below:


Chipuku Brands Africa
Choppies Zimbabwe Logo Brands Africa
Food-Lovers-Market Logo Brands Africa
Game Logo Brands Africa
OK-Zimbabwe-Limited Logo Brands Africa
PTC Logo Brands Africa
Pick-n-Pay Logo Brands Africa
Sefalana Retail
Shoprite Logo Brands Africa
SPAR Logo Brands Africa


Fortwell Wholesale Logo Brands Africa
Jumb Cash & Carry Logo Brands Africa
Mohamed-Mussa Logo Brands Africa
Metro Logo Brands Africa
N.Richards Logo Brands Africa


Cresta Logo Brands Africa
Holiday-Inn Logo Brands Africa
Legacy-Group Logo Brands Africa
Meikles-Zimbabwe Logo Brands Africa
RTG Logo Brands Africa


Edgars Logo Brands Africa
PEP Logo Brands Africa
Truworths Logo Brands Africa


Kenlink Logo Brands Africa
Link-Pharmacy Logo Brands Africa


Builders-Warehouse Logo Brands Africa
Halsted Builder Express Logo Brands Africa
Mica Logo Brands Africa


In order to achieve focus, the businesses have dedicated sales teams that focus on specific categories, that we distribute. This ensures that the sales reps have exceptional product knowledge and ensure that execution in their ranges is best in class.

The main categories we focus on are:

  • Personal Care and Cosmetics
  • Homecare 
  • Beverages, Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Fine Food & Confectionary

As part of the service to our principals, and to create brand awareness, we have a dedicated team that focuses on specific channels within the countries. These include;

  • Sales – We have a team of over 50 sales staff that service the Modern Trade (Retail and wholesale stores)
  • Van Sales – We have 8 trucks that service the Traditional Trade (High-Frequency stores), that include garage forecourts, tuck-shops, convenience, and traditional shops
  • HORECA – Dedicated teams that service hotels, restaurants, and canteens
  • Specialty – Dedicated sales reps, that focus on hardware, toy shops and pharmacies for ranges in non-supermarket channels.
Brands Africa Van Sales
Brands Africa Sales 1 copy
Camisa Brands Africa Trade


To ensure that our brands are enjoying prominent and maximum visibility in the retail chains, we have over 250 merchandisers across the region, that are situated in the various stores, ensuring that our products are highly visible, in perfect conditions and where necessary, rotated to ensure freshness.

Camisa Merchandising Brands Africa
Pampers Merchandising Brands Africa
Robertson Merchandising Brands Africa

Brand Building and Marketing

Brands Africa provides the following value addition and brand building services to its principals;

  • In-Store Demonstrations and Product sampling
  • Promotions and product giveaways
  • Brand Activations
Sampling Brands Africa
Brands Africa Retail 1
Brands Africa Retail
  •  Restaurant and Hospitality wet sampling
  • Participation in high profile events.
Brands Africa Horeca
Brands Africa Horeca 1
Brands Africa Horeca 2