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About Us

Brands Africa has become a leading distributor of FMCG branded products, servicing the formal retail and wholesale chains in the South Central African Region. We represent several local, regional and international companies exclusively, with strong recognizable brands, thus giving us leverage in all our countries. The experience we have gained from all these principals, assists us in building brands, and “moulding” the businesses to achieve high market shares across all channels.

Our vision is to be the regional supply chain and brand building partner of choice. At Brands Africa, our mission is to source, import or manufacture and distribute strong and recognisable, branded products at an affordable cost.

Over the years, we have established strong relationships with both local and regional formal retail and wholesale chains, where we thrive on “Hi-Touch” speciality ranges that require a higher level of focus, and brand building capabilities. We have also developed highly motivated and committed teams, who have a passion for the brands they represent. Our interactions with various international and regional principals, has enabled us to implement robust and tested structures and mechanisms, to apply across the whole business. Brands Africa is part of the Brands Consumer Group.

We are proud of who we do business with how we do business our legacy we are building.

Our Core Values

Each and every Brands Africa employee has our core values cards printed out for them so that they are constantly reminded of what we stand for!


Being considerate of people, their needs, feelings, and hopes.


Behaving consistently, with integrity and honesty.


Acting fairly in all that we do, without prejudice and without bias.


Having fun at work, and building a business that is a pleasure to work in.

Our People are Our Priority

Brands Africa prides itself on having very good and proactive human capital management policies, with our main aim to be one of the Employers of Choice in the Southern African region.

We believe we provide great job opportunities, whether full-time, part-time or project-based jobs. Reasonable salaries and suitable work hours are among the reasons why working at Brands Africa is beneficial for its employees.

Training programs are made ready for the employees to undergo regularly to ensure that they comply with industry standards with regard to service. Performance reviews are conducted. We also plan to put up an incentive system so that those who will be working hard will earn what they deserve. Such plans will be implemented with the meticulous and careful maintenance of company records and the implementation of an effective administrative system important in handling management matters in the establishment of the business.

Since 2013 we have participated in the independent Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC) survey in Zimbabwe and won Runner Up Best Employer of the Year in 2013, and Winner in 2014.  This is a testimony to the effectiveness of our approach to managing human capital. Of note is that there is a wide base of companies who participate in this survey across the country and the assessment is done independently by random interviews with employees

Currently, there are 510 people employed throughout Brands Africa, working together to bring our individual and collective aspirations for the business a step closer to realization and eventual prosperity.

Our Awards

Brands Africa is proud of our acheivements that we have been recognised for over the years, both from suppliers and industry bodies.


AVI Award Brands Africa
Lindt Award Brands Africa
SCJ Award Brands Africa


Spar Award Brands Africa
Pick-n-Pay Award Brands Africa


IPC Winner Brands Africa
IPC Runner Up Award brands Africa

 Our Corporate Social Responsiblity

A company’s CSR policy often reflects the ethos of their CEO, and this is certainly true in the case of Brands Africa and Peter Tselentis. Peter and his wife, Sarah, are both active members of their community and look to help wherever they can. This is reflected by the policy at Brands Africa to see where as a company, it can help those in need. This is done through donations of product and involvement in worthy causes, in each country that Brands Africa operates in.

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Brands Africa Blanket Drive
Brands Africa Active Community