Demand Planning

The Brands Africa model is sourcing products from various countries across the globe. Therefore, it is imperative that product sourcing is carefully planned, to ensure that shipments are timeously received and supplied to the countries. Principals would also require detailed and accurate forecasting for production. All these functions have been centralized to provide principals with a single point of contact.


We currently distribute out of multiple warehouses, located strategically throughout the region. Our warehouses offer optimum storage conditions, which include the following;

  • Ambient – Various
  • Cool – Wine & Chocolate (16-18 Celsius)


  • 1 warehouse
  • 5,800m2
Safari Distributors Africa_Outside


  • 1 warehouse
  • 2,365m2
Malawi Brands Africa_Interior
Malawi Brands Africa


  • 1 warehouse
  • 1,650m2
Brands Africa_Nambia


  • 2 warehouses
  • 10,200m2



Zim Inside Warehouse
Zim Outside Warehouse


  • 1 warehouse
  • 4,035m2
Brands Africa_Zambia_1

Bonded Warehouse

In order to achieve efficiencies on certain high-value products, these are imported into our bonded warehouse facilities in either Harare (Zimbabwe) or Johannesburg (South Africa) and then distributed to the various countries. For high volume, low-value products, these are shipped direct to each country, therefore avoiding double handling and the related costs.

The establishment of a central bonded warehouse in close proximity to countries has the following advantages;

  • Brings stock closer to markets, reducing transit time from factories
  • More efficient use of capital as countries only draw stock as and when required. Duties are only paid when the stock is cleared
  • Avoiding double taxation and reducing pricing to the consumer
  • Perform consolidation of loads thus ensuring more competitive freight charges
  • Centralized reporting of stockholding, and movement reporting

Supply Chain

Our inbound logistics are outsourced, to a third-party logistics provider who can provide a dedicated and cost-effective solution. They have both refrigerated and ambient vehicles, to transport all our ranges.

Our various businesses each have an internal liaison, that works with various shipping lines and clearing agents.  These agents have offices at the various points of entry, to manage the various countries regulatory and compliance processes, which vary from country to country.


The businesses have various format and temperature configurations vehicles, that are either owned or third party. The goal is to achieve efficient costs and effective supply, to the door of our customers, ensuring that the quality and integrity of the product is not compromised.

Delivery Trucks Brands Africa
Brands Africa Fleet
Brands Africa Delivery Trucks