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Brands Africa is a leading distributor to the South Central African Region.  Our business was initially established in Harare, Zimbabwe, and this is where our operational head office is currently located. Over the years, we have established strong relationships with both local and regional formal retail and wholesale chains, and we believe we are an integral part of their supply chain. We represent several international companies exclusively with strong recognizable brands, thus giving us leverage in all the markets.

Brands Africa distribution footprint currently covers three countries in the region, with a fourth being set up;

  • Zimbabwe – Distribution centres in Harare and Bulawayo
  • Zambia – Distribution centre in Lusaka
  • Malawi – Distribution centre in Blantyre


Brands Africa distributes a wide array of branded FMCG products, exclusively in the formal retail and wholesale trade. Seeing the needs and demands of our selected target market population, Brands Africa has established relationships with the following principals and distributes their products throughout the countries we have a presence in, for onward sales through the various trade channels, for our target market and the masses in general.

All distribution agreements are negotiated with the various principals for either specific countries, or for the whole region that the Brands Africa footprint covers.

Brands Africa prides itself on representing principals with premium brands, that are either market leaders or in the secondary position, with the potential to grow to a leadership position, in the various categories. We also believe in distributing niche products that require a higher attention to detail where we can execute our brand building capabilities.

Please see each country for their specific principals as they may vary from country to country.

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