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Welcome to Brands Africa

Brands Africa has become a leading distributor of FMCG branded products, servicing the formal retail and wholesale chains in the South Central African Region. We represent several local, regional and international companies exclusively, with strong recognizable brands, thus giving us leverage in all our countries. The experience we have gained from all these principals, assists us in building brands, and “moulding” the businesses to achieve high market shares across all channels.

Over the years, we have established strong relationships with both local and regional formal retail and wholesale chains, where we thrive on “Hi-Touch” speciality ranges that require a higher level of focus, and brand building capabilities. We have also developed highly motivated and committed teams, who have a passion for the brands they represent. Our interactions with various international and regional principals, has enabled us to implement robust and tested structures and mechanisms, to apply across the whole business. Brands Africa is part of the Brands Consumer Group.

We are proud of who we do business with how we do business our legacy we are building.

Our vision is to be the regional supply chain and brand building partner of choice.

At Brands Africa our mission is to source, import or manufacture and distribute strong and recognisable, branded products at affordable cost

Our Core Values

Each and every Brands Africa employee has our core values cards printed out for them so that they are constantly reminded of what we stand for!


Being considerate of people, their needs, feelings, and hopes.


Behaving consistently, with integrity and honesty.


Acting fairly in all that we do, without prejudice and without bias.


Having fun at work, and building a business that is a pleasure to work in.

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